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Chasing Tails (Leos)

 Greetings my dear fellow Aquarians! I have a Leo love predicament of sorts. Helpppp meeee!

Him: Leo sun, Leo Merc and Venus, Virgo Mars, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius rising
Me: Aquarius sun, Aqua Merc and Venus, Scorpio Mars, Virgo moon, Sagittarius rising

Yeah. Our moons and Ascendants are the same. Might mean something, ya think?

Background: We've been on two lovely dates, and are talking about a third. Lots and lots of physical chemistry, oh my. Mental connection. We talk a LOT; texting, calls, AIM, whatever. I generally get along fabulously with Leos as friends--both my best friends are Leos, and I have a good male Leo friend whom I casually dated awhile back, but we're friends now, and I have a lot of other Leo friends. I like fire signs. They're fun. So, to some extent, I do understand Leos... except, I've never SERIOUSLY dated one or been in a romantic relationship with one. 

Anyway, he's quite a bit older than me (ten years!). And... basically, it's taking all I got NOT to fall head over heels, because when I almost did I got the feeling that I liked him more... and being an Aquarius I refuse to be vulnerable like that, especially before a Lion. Scary. The thing is, he's very logical and practical for a Leo (I suspect Virgo rising, or the moon may be Virgo after all because we're really similar emotionally), and he runs kinda hot and cold. Romantic and sweet and cute one minute, and analyzing me and making me think he doesn't like me THAT much the next. It's like.. cat and mouse! In many ways, I feel like I'm being confronted with my own weird emotional ways. It's frustrating. 

The OTHER frustrating part is that he's mentioned a few times how closed and hard to get to know I am. Which, yeah, hi! I'm an Aquarius. But I am trying my HARDEST to be more open and understood. It's really difficult. I'm preaching to the choir here. So I need help.

Ultimately.... I need advice on how to combat that, and how to win a male Leo. I'm being myself of course, but since it takes a while to get to know me thanks to being reserved especially around people I LIKE, I don't want to sabotage myself either. So tell me tell me tell me! Any suggestions, anecdotes. I've read all sorts of books on him and the situation, and some of it's been helpful... but real life experiences would be even better. :D
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Tell them how "great" and "grand" they are. it's like foreplay to them.seriously, lol.

egostrokes every now and then..and even if you don't like a certain band they go on and on about, make them feel better by listening to back to back records of their work..hey, even say you got a way to get tickets.

and when it comes to making things go further..let them lead! ;o)
I've been doing the ego-stroking, although I can turn that up a knotch.

Letting them lead... awesome idea! I've been doing that, but just because it's my nature. I'll turn that up too. :D


Deleted comment

hurray I'm not the only one!! Good luck with yours too! :D

I hope we get something from everyone else in the community... :3
i dont understand whats so hard to "understand" about leos. they usually dont have many secrets, they tell everyone everything, theyre usually extreme extroverts. its those things that makes them so likable, you usually dont have to put much effort into getting to know them because theyre gonna do it anyways. its also what can make them boring after a while, because they fail to surprise you as time goes on. i dont know, i feel like im an expert on leos; i know a lot of them. and i know when i first meet them i have a certain affinity for them. but time passes and they become very annoying.